Scientific Works of
Fabien Drouart

My publications (English)

F. Drouart, G. Renversez, A. Nicolet and C. Geuzaine
"Spatial Kerr solitons in optical fibres of finite size cross section : beyond the Townes soliton"
J. Opt. A : Pure Appl. Opt. (2008)

Abstract | Text: PDF (605 KB)

A. Nicolet, F. Drouart, G. Renversez and C. Geuzaine
"A finite element analysis of spatial solitons in optical fibres"
Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (2007).

Abstract | Text: PDF (347 KB)

My PhD thesis (French + English)

"Kerr Nonlinearity in Microstructured Optical Fibers"

"Non-linéarité Kerr dans les Fibres Optiques Microstructurées"
Abstract | Text: PDF (6,089 KB)

Defence of my PhD thesis (French)
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Links to the software used for the Finite Element Method

Gmsh (3D finite element mesh Generator)
GetDP (General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems)
Christophe Geuzaine (for his support)